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CONSPACE-Confined Spaces Training Services

CONSPACE is a new brand owned by EECO srl and Total Care Service Srl

EECO srl and Total Care Service Srl are leading global providers of all kind of Services in Occupational Health, Safety, Environment, Engineering, Risk Assessment, Training and Social consulting services.

EECO srl and Total Care Service Srl are committed to providing a service that is consistent, professional and of the highest quality to create value for our clients.

CONSPACE-Confined Spaces Training SIMULATOR

This mobile confined space simulator allows employees to receive hands on training with all of the equipment commonly used in a confined space entry without having to travel.

The enclosed trailer has a guard railed deck on top with a manhole installed in the roof which allows employees to be lowered into and work in the "confined space". The inside of the trailer is broadcast via a closed circuit camera to a television on the outside of the trailer for people to watch.

International Safety Laws(not only Italian) requires that employees receive training in the ability to recognize and avoid hazards associated with confined spaces.

With the CONSPACE simulator your employees are not only trained to comply with Italian Laws( D. Lgs. n. 81/08 D.Lgs.n.177/2011) but also trained in how to use all of the equipment. We have the ability to train all industrial facilities, construction companies, fire departments, refineries and municipalities, etc .

We have the experience, expertise and capability to meet your needs, whether, as an individual student or part of a large corporate, with many employees, spread over multiple sites.

Our training products have been developed and delivered to the highest of standards. Training is based on credible examples and experiences, and can be tailored to meet the client's specific requirements, including their unique work environment.

As a nationwide provider, training can be delivered directly at the client's site or at one of our purpose built training centres located in Caserta and Napoli.

We put as much effort and energy into the development of our products as we do the delivery of the courses and the provision of our after sales support. We stand behind our product and know that your staff's performance is critical to your company's long term health and safety future.

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